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Company NameHI-LAND
Headquarters2F Hirabayashi Building, Hakusan 2-30-2, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0001
TEL +81-3-5689-6205 / FAX +81-3-5840-9167
Business Profile

[Measurement Division Dept.]

  • Development , production , and sale of computer software and measuring instruments and related services
  • Measurement rooms , loans for measuring instruments , on-site measurement work , etc.

[Product Planning Dept.]

  • Development , production and sales of peripheral components related to measuring instruments
  • Development , production and sales of daily sundries

[Sales Management Dept.]

  • Support services for information management , information distribution , etc. of each division
Main Bank
  • MUFG Bank Kagurazaka Branch
  • SMBC Bank Koishikawa Branch
  • Sugamo Shinkin Bank Kasuga Branch
  • Asahi Shinkin Bank Koishikawa Branch
  • Takinogawa Shinkin Bank Hakusan Branch
Overseas distributors

[Measurement Division Dept.]

  • [Taiwan/China] Cote Tech
  • [Korean] HI-LAND KOREA


Our company

Connecting People and Things To shape what we can do

Our company strives to think about and act on the daily business activities and what can be done to enhance the abilities of each and every employee.

Measurement Division Dept.

Measuring instrument & Mechanism
Design / Development / Sales / Demo / Lending / Measurement room / Field measurement

Our company products are products developed in the process of the development of technologies, sales, partner companies, and customers cultivated by the founder and employees.
In addition to standard products, we develop measuring instruments together with our customers.
In addition to the development and sale of measuring instruments, the service business utilizes measurement offices, field measurement, joint research and joint projects, etc.
Our company 's index of brightness is not limited to our company, but will be developed through cooperation with other companies in the same industry, information exchange, and educational activities throughout generations.

Product Planning Dept.

Handmade goods
Design / Production / Sales

The concept is [Delivering 'I wish I had this.' to All]
In 2016, The Product Planning Department has been established to develop and sell products that take into account the needs of those who need assistance.
In 2017, we began developing and selling 'tripod case' cameras and 'filter case' lenses for our Measurement Division.

Sales Management Dept.

Information distribution & Marketing
Advertising / Information Management / Sales

This department provides information distribution and information management to each division's products and people who need the information under the theme of 'We connect people and things.'

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