ACE3 Monochrome Series

2D ( luminance or NIR ) measurement analysis

ACE3 Monochrome Header

Standard Selection


Selection of lens and model according to the situation

Mono.: 2D Luminance



Main (measurement analysis)

Switch to old product and operate all models the same

Previous ZERO Series Successor

Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Main (measurement analysis)

Sophisticated analysis capabilities

Various environmental measurement conditions / analysis

Measured Pseudo color, integrating, interval

Analysis points, division, all pixels, etc.

Sophisticated analysis capabilities

ACE3 NIR series

near infrared, 0.8 to 1 µm

Calibration in each near-infrared wavelength region

Used for analysis of radiation distribution of reflection and transmission

ACE3 NIR series

Unique measurement function

Special-purpose instrumentation analysis

Grid Guide Display

Variation Sample Mode

Unique measurement function

Dedicated analysis system

Efficient analysis by desk work

Subscription Type Annual Renewal Type

First time purchase standard attachment

Dedicated analysis system

Additional Selection

ACE3 V/VIEW Series

Recording images / Extraction edit system

Running evaluation, fixed point observation, time course

Flag editing and MP4 storage feature

ACE3 Mono Ad V

Add-in MC-2D

Evaluation of Angular Properties, All-Around Light Distribution

Combination with Mechanism

MC-2D Series

ACE3 Mono Ad Add-in MC-2D

Add-in FLT

In-plane distribution unevenness, film property evaluation

In-plane distribution, film characteristics, difference analysis

Trend analysis of each extraction parameter

ACE3 Mono Ad Add-in FLT

USB3.0 Camera

3.5mm Single focus lens(3.5∼100mm selectable)

ACE3 Mono Camera 3.5mm

Zoom lens + Support unit

ACE3 Mono Camera Zoom
Sensor1/1.8 inch1/2.9 inch1/1.8 inch1/2.9 inch
CMOS Monochrome
Built-in filterVisual sensitivity correction filterNear infrared transmission filter
ResolutionQXGA(2,048×1,536)High vision(1,440×1,080)[squeeze]QXGA(2,048×1,536)High vision(1,440×1,080)[squeeze]
Measurement typeLuminanceNear infrared
Data processing12 bit: single image, interval
105 : HDR
8 bit: Movie recording
Wavelength0.4∼0.71 µm0.8∼1 µm
Measurement range*10.01∼30,000 cd/m2*20.0001∼5 mW/cm2*2
Measurement accuracyWithin ±1% (10cd/m2 or higher)*3Within ±5% (0.01mW/cm2 or higher)*3
Measurement reproducibilityWithin ±1% (10cd/m2 or higher)*3Within ±1% (0.01mW/cm2 or higher)*3
Long-time stability(1h)Within ±1% (10cd/m2 or higher)*3Within ±1% (0.01mW/cm2 or higher)*3
Connection methodUSB3.0 Standard 3m / Maximum 10m
EnvironmentOperating environment temperature/humidity-5∼45℃ (20∼80% non-condensing)
Storage environment temperature/humidity-20∼60℃ (20∼95% non-condensing)

*1 Measurement conditions for standard adjustment. The number of frames and adjustment conditions are different for low sensitivity and high sensitivity.

*2 This is the detection limit range of the camera.

*3 Basic specifications based on measurement for our company standard light source.

* The measurement range may vary depending on the camera, lens and object to be measured.

* When wearing Zoom Lens, a support unit is added.

Measured luminance reproducibility measurement result

ACE3 Mono stability
Measured amplitude9.031 cd/m2
Mean7174.3 cd/m2
Measured Difference0.126%

* 15 min Stability ± 1% Width

* Light Source Cooling Type 3.2inch Backlight 17mA

Lens selection

AZoom lens12.5∼75 mm(All regions same F value)
BTelecentric lens(Separate consultation)
CMacro lens×0.3∼×0.7(Use fixed scale)
CSingle fous lens3.5∼100 mm(Selection of various types)
Focal length(mm)Single focusZoom
3.556812255010012.5 - 75 mm

* The attached Setup DISK is dedicated to the combination of the camera and lens. Cannot be used in combination with other lenses.

* The measurement value cannot be guaranteed when using lenses other than the combination set up by our company.

Main screen

Main screen

Time-lapse measurement/continuous image analysis screen

Time-lapse measurement/continuous image analysis screen

Condition setting screen

Condition setting screen

Examples of NIR measurement

Examples of NIR measurement
Article nameLuminanceACE3-1000
Connection methodUSB3.0 Standard 3m / Maximum 10m
Luminance AdjustmentShutter Speed (Depending on the model), Gain (Gain 0, Gain +1, Gain +2)
CPUIntel ® CORE ™ i5 Memory 16GB or more
ResolutionFHD (1,920 × 1,080)
OSMicrosoft Windows 10 ® x64 / x86
MeasureSampling Measure / HDR Measure
Pseudo ColorLinear HDR Measurement: Log, HL1 ∼ 4 (Gamma Switching)
3d, Isoline
AnalysisPointsCircular, Square, Free Rectangle
DivideDivide view within a given range
Automatic divideDivided display of threshold extraction area within an arbitrary specified range
LineDivision of an arbitrary alignment or display in pixels
PixelsDisplay in pixels of an arbitrary range or all pixels
MovieMultipoint real-time analysis
Analysis ResultsMinimum, maximum, median, mean, and deviation values
Uniformity (100 [%] min/max, 100 [%] min/median) and determination value setting
OtherAutomatic area detectionThreshold Lower Threshold Exclusion setting (percentage)
mm Base LengthReference length per pixel setting
SampleAccumulated number, amount of change sample mode, etc.
HistogramHistogram display of range measurement image
Toggle DisplayT MeasurementTime-lapse measurement, graphical analysis of video recording systems, etc.
Output DataAnalysis files, TEXT, CSV, Microsoft Excel ®

* Camera connection is required to start the system.

* The system and adjustment will be a one-to-one combination of camera and lens.

System link structure

System link structure1
System link structure2
Supported systems

ACE3-***V : System for sampling and storing Uncompressed image data in various types of system

ACE3-***VIEW : Movie Interval Reproduction System MP4 Conversion & FLAG Editing

ACE3-85Luminance1,440×1,080ACE3-85V/VIEW1/2.9 CMOS
ACE3-10002,048×1,536ACE3-1000V/VIEW1/1.8 CMOS
ACE3-85IRNIR1,440×1,080ACE3-85IRV/VIEW1/2.9 CMOS
ACE3-1000IR2,048×1,536ACE3-1000IRV/VIEW1/1.8 CMOS

ACE3 ColorV Main
1. Setting of conditions such as recording conditions
2. Shutter speed change
3. Imaging status of the camera
4. Single Measure & Save
5. HDR Single Measure & Save
6. Specified time interval 12 bit HDR measurement & Save
7. 8 bit Dynamic Sampling & Saving
8. Start/Stop Recording
9. Launch cooperation for ACE3 -*** VIEW
10. Setting Flag Item Names
11. Operation buttons for each flag when recording






Brightness AdjustmentShutter Speed (Depending on the model), Gain (Gain 0, Gain +1, Gain +2)
CPUIntel® CORE ™ i5 Memory 16 GB or more
ResolutionSXGA (1,280 × 1,024)
Record12bit: single image, interval
105: HDR
8bit: Movie recording
Recording time30 sec, 1 min, 10 min, 30 min, FULL (1h), interval time interval/number of sheets
PlayAnalysis dedicated file preview function
Output dataParse-only file or Jpeg (Quality designation)

* Camera connection is required to start the system.

* The system and brightness adjustment is a one-to-one configuration by combining a camera and a lens.

* The required capacity depends on the resolution of the selected camera.

* The number of files that can be generated per second varies depending on the frame rate and recording media of the selected camera.

* If Jpeg is selected for record saving, it can be used for image processing and editing, but analysis of processed Jpeg images is not guaranteed.


CPUIntel® CORE™ i5 Memory 16GB 以上
ResolutionFHD (1,920 × 1,080)
EditingFlag edit
MP4 Save
CheckMeasured value display at manual stop
System linkLaunch ACE3 -*** NBG
Output dataMP4,CSV





MP4 Save

MP4 Save

* A special file for the camera is required to boot the system.

* The system and brightness adjustment are made in a one-to-one configuration using a combination of camera and lens.

SSD/HDD Desktop/Note PC comparison

SSD/HDD Desktop/Note PC comparison

Main screen

ACE3 Mono MC-2D Main

Operation screen

ACE3 Mono MC-2D Calculate

Condition settings screen [Left: Measurement setting / Right: Analysis settings]

ACE3 Mono MC-2D Condition

Graph analysis [All-round distribution characteristics]

ACE3 Mono MC-2D Graph
Article nameMC-2D
ResolutionSXGA(1,280 × 1,024)
Measurement conditionsVertical±60 °Minimum decomposition angle1 °
Horizontal180 °Minimum decomposition angle1 °
AnalysisDivideAutomatic sampling divide display within a given range
Circular, Cell, Area Selection
Single areaAuto Extract Settings with Threshold
Graph analysisFFP GraphVertical plane angle characteristics
FP GraphAll-round distribution characteristic
CommonPolar coordinates
Output DataDedicated analysis files, CSV
Mechanical device

MC-2D Vertical Construction Block Diagram

ACE3 Mono MC-2D

MC-2D-S Horizontal Construction Block Diagram

ACE3 Mono MC-2D-S

Main screen

ACE3 Mono FLT Main

Example of operation type/unevenness display

ACE3 Mono FLT mura

Condition setting screen

ACE3 Mono FLT mura Condition

Judgment value setting

ACE3 Mono FLT mura Judge
Article nameFLT
Analysis ValuesSEMU value *1
AnalysisAreaSettings within the specified range
Operation TypeNo.1 ∼ No.5, random
Normal(radiation), Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal + Vertical
Judgment valueSEMU value, max, mean
OtherAutomatic area detectionThreshold Lower Threshold Exclusion setting (percentage)
SampleAccumulated number, amount of change sample mode, etc.
Output DataTEXT, CSV, Microsoft Excel®

*1 The unit of measurement for irregularity called SEMU value (SEMI MURA Abbreviation)

InstallationEquipped with a tripod
UsageSimplification of workability of field measurement
ACE3 Mono One
InstallationEquipped with a drone
UsageLuminance measurement of bird's-eye view and macroscopic observation
ACE3 Mono Drawn
SubjectACE3 Series NIR LiDAR observation

No Audio

SubjectDrone-mounted luminance measurement PR

With music and sound

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